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Bubble CGM for ©Libre Sensors
Continuous Glucose Monitor

The Official USA, Reseller for Bubblan of Lidingoe Sweden


Bubblan Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Keep blood glucose control tight with automatic blood sugar updates every five minutes sent straight to your mobile device


Beautifully designed

The bubble has been built with comfort in mind, avoiding edges that can complicate its wearing in your day to day and to keep charging simple.


Easy to wear

With our signature Bubble stickers, the soft specially designed belt, or even a simple dressing, you will have plenty of options available to find the best fit for you and your Bubble.


Diabox for iOS and Android

Bubble app Diabox is compatible with both iOS and Android.


Rechargeable and re-usable

The bubble is rechargeable thanks to the magnetic charger included in the box. With over 14 days or more of battery, you can always be sure your Bubble is charged and ready to go.



A compact tightly sealed frame improves durability and makes the Bubble waterproof. The device is guaranteed up to 30 minutes and 2m deep in freshwater.


Diabox is an open-source application and is not directly part of Bubblan. Recently Diabox has been removed from The Apple Store and the Google Play Store for unknown reasons, and the team is working to restore the apps.

You can download the Android version here.

For iOS, the team needs to invite you to their development team; you can be added and receive the app. Send your Apple email ID to, and they will send you the invitation to download the app with instructions.

The entire Diabox Community eagerly awaits the return of the apps to their respective platforms store

The Diabox App

Everything you need in one device for all freestyle libre users.


Offers the functionality of alarms when the following occurs:

Glucose Alarms

  • High
  • Extreme Low
  • Low
  • Rate Rise
  • Drop Rate

Device Alarms

  • Signal Loss
  • Low Battery

Device Alarms

  • End Before
  • Missed Reading

You also have a platform to see your blood glucose at a glance on your smartphone or watch.

You can also enable optional Audio Readouts so you don’t have to look at your phone. (Listen below)


  • Android – Diabox – Google Play
  • iOS – Diabox – Testflight
    This requires you to click this link twice.
    • 1. Install Testflight
    • 2. join the Diabox beta.

Because we are diabetics we too have tried alternatives like MiaoMiao and Ambrosia and got frustrated with the quality but desperately needed the technology to work. Dexcom many of us found out of reach and most insurance plans would not cover the costs fully.

Diabox was developed from the ground up by Diabetics, Diabox has a genuine focus on making life just that little bit easier. We accomplish this by actively engaging our customers and making the best possible products for you and ourselves!

Exceptional Medical Grade Build Quality

Every aspect of the Bubble CGM device is meticliously crafted for reliability and durability. Just because we are not a medically approved device, does not mean our quality should not be!

Designed specifically for ©Freestyle Libre Sensors

Our Bubble CGM is designed to be compliant with the ©Freestyle Libre Sensor, MiaoMiao2 has a flawed design, thus covering the sensors top hole. 

The ©Freestyle Libre documentation states “Make sure the opening / hole in the center of the sensor is not covered.

Built for Life

The Bubble CGM is designed for life, and is water resistant, allowing you to live life to the fullest!

Active Life Style

The Bubble CGM is also designed for active life style and is sweat resistent, allowing you to live life to the fullest and to ensure you get your exersize in!

For Your Little Loved Ones

We are parents too, the Bubble CGM can be used on children to help you get the peace of mind you deserve and NEED!

Rest and peace of mind while you sleep!

Nothing is worse then not getting a good nights sleep. Now you can get a good night sleep! We worked extremely hard on maintaining connectivity to the device, and our alarms only wake you in the event something is detected. 

Turn your Libre Sensors into a CGM

CGM means Continuous Glucose Monitoring. If you would like to stop TAPPING your phone or reader on the sensor every time you want a reading, consider our BUBBLE CGM device! Readings are sent to our app on your phone every 5 min.


Real People Just Like YOU!!!

We are diabetics ourselves, trying to help other diabetics gain peace of mind, and helping folks live more comfortably with our condition. Buy our device one time. Save thousands per year when using a less expensive ©Libre sensor. Get competitive ©Dexcom features, whether your upgrading or downgrading.



Get Critical Alerts about the low, high, fast drop, rise in blood sugars. Finally… get the sleep you desperately need and deserve. Our technology is not considered a medical device, however, it can be your new best friend, to help you in your time of need, and help you make decisions that are right for you.


USA Warranty Vs. Sweden Warranty

Our warranty is identical to Swedens warranty which can be viewed here,

Because we are a local supplier we must receive approval in the form of a RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION from Sweden concerning your replacement.

If you need to process a return simply reach out to us to begin the RMA process by reviewing “How long is the warranty and what about the return Process?” below.

Is the bubble a medically approved device?

No! We are an IoT technology company. Our product works with © Freestyle Libre Medically approved devices, but our device is just an IoT device technology that reads and transmits your sensors data to your phone, wirelessly. You MUST make personal medical decisions based on ACTUAL approved medical devices such as Glucose Blood Finger Sticks, or the ©Freestyle Libre Sensor readings directly. Use our technology for enjoyment, educational, and entertainment purposes only. NEVER, make a personal medical decision based on our technology!

Here is what medical devices are. They benefit patients by helping health care providers diagnose and treat patients and helping patients overcome sickness or disease, improving their quality of life. Significant potential for hazards is inherent when using a device for medical purposes and thus medical devices must be proved safe and effective with reasonable assurance before regulating governments allow marketing of the device in their country. 

Do you make or support Diabox?

No, Bubble is an IOT device technology. In other words, we make and sell devices that scan and transmit data wirelessly; that’s it.

Diabox is a FREE, open-source community-based support software that supports Bubble. We do our best to help you, but it is always best to ask the Diabox Community for help, too, as there is power in numbers. The group can be found here on Facebook:

I can't find my Bubble in Diabox!
  1. Make sure your bubble is fully charged.
  2. Put it back in the Box with the magnet for 30 seconds to reset the device.
  3. Make sure location services are enabled).
  4. Keep your Bubble closer than 15 meters or 45 feet to your phone.
  5. Press add CGM – Abbott – Scan.
  6. In the list, you should see your device
How to reset the Bubble?

Place the Bubble back into the box, exactly the way it shipped, and let set for 5 seconds. There is a tiny magnet in the foam form that will deactivate the device, and reset it once removed. You should see a red light blink once on removal.

What sensors can Bubble read?

Diabox can read the following sensors.
Libre 2 EU
Libre US14
Libre Pro

In progress
Libre 2 US

How long is the warranty and what about the return process?

Bubblan comes with a 12-month manufacture warranty for the original buyer, with proof of purchase. Any noticeable physical damage to the device will immediately void your warranty. The customer is responsible for ALL return shipping costs.

Customers can return a non-defective device for a refund (minus our shipping cost of $8.30 and a 10% restocking fee, which totals $25.20 ) within the first 14 calendar days (not business days) from the USPS confirmed product delivery date to you, if the product is unused. Once the box is opened and the device is turned on by removing it from the magnetic packaging, it is considered used. Each device has a small memory buffer, which logs sensor data and connection information and is how we can tell if it is used or turned on after the shipping date. If a product is found to be used, you will be charged $10.00 shipping to receive it back; failure to pay for this shipping will result in your product being abandoned. Abandoned products will be destroyed and properly disposed of after 30 days.

Customers can return manufacture defective devices for a refund (minus our shipping cost of $8.30 and a 10% restocking fee, which totals $25.20 ) within the first 14 calendar days (not business days). USPS confirmed the product delivery date to you.

We will replace manufacture defective items for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase once we receive the defective item in the original box with its charging cable, minus any stickers. Once received, we will inspect it before processing the exchange. Items damaged by users, intentional or accidental, will not be returned or exchanged, period! You will be charged $10.00 shipping to receive it back; failure to pay for this shipping will result in your product being abandoned. Abandoned products will be destroyed and properly disposed of after 30 days.


Request your RMA here 

How long does the battery last?

One full charge takes about 60minutes
and lasts for a minimum of 10 to 18 days depending on usage.

You can also reset the Bubble by swiping the flat side of the charger on the bubble and a red light will flash to indicate its been reset.

Why do you ONLY sell bubble in the USA?

We are Decision Forward, LLC. the official USA reseller and partner for Bubblan of Lidngoe Sweden. Shipments from Sweden to the USA were taking long amounts of time, we took on all USA based operations to expedite this process and to provide support closer to our time-zones.

if you are an international customer outside of the USA, then you should order Bubble from our European store at or

Does Bubble work with xDrip?

Yes! however, we do not provide technical support for xDrip.

How do I open a support request?

The best and preferred support method is our Facebook group page “Bubble USA (Bluetooth/NFC CGM)” We know you many also need a human to talk to so we offer limited callback phone support 404-855-1795.

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