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Getting Started Instructions

  1. Remove the Bubble device from the package; doing so, you may see a flashing red/amber colored light.
  2. Remove the USB charging cable and attach it to a computer or USB wall charging adapter (not included).
  3. Attach the magnetic end of the USB charging cable to under the bubble, the side with less surface area, and on the two gold-colored metal dots.
  4. While charging on the reverse side of the bubble, not where you attached the charging cable, you will see a flashing light red/amber in color. When the device is fully charged, the light will be solid blue. 1-2 hours charge time is average. Remove the charger and place it back in the box for storage.
  5. Assuming you already are wearing a USA Libre 1 (not USA Libre 2) sensor, add the double-sided adhesive to the bubble’s underside where you attached the charger. Then apply to your skin and directly over the sensor, as shown below.
  6. Install the Diabox app and go to the next section in this manual.
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