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Congratulations on your Bubble Purchase

All of us here on the bubble team want to thank you for your purchase and reassure you, that you have joined an awesome support family. We are all Type 1 & 2 Diabetics.

Our goal is to build a community around the Bubble device. Bubble will allow you to take more control of your life and make living with Diabetes a bit easier.

One thing of note about our community, resellers, and partners. We are all volunteers and share the same condition. This site https://BubbleCGM.Com is run by David Soden. My picture is to the right. As owner/operator, I operates this site out of the Metro Atlanta Georgia area. I am proud to be part of your Bubblan team, and I sincerely look forward in helping you to change your life for the better, just as Bubble has changed mine!

Bubble CGM, this website, is a USA reseller & Partner of Bubblan.org out of Sweden. Sadly we are not exclusive, but we want to be your #1 choice for all Bubblan products! There may be other resellers online, but none will try harder to earn your trust and business like our website.

Remember, we offer Free 2 day shipping on all products sold on this website and we are both, reachable, and approachable. We think this makes all the difference, especially when your diabetes is acting up, and your stressed out!

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