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Upgrade Nightscout (or) Pay Us to Upgrade For You.

Updating Your Site to the Latest Version

If you would like us to remote to your PC and upgrade this for you on HEROKU, on your behalf, we can set up a remote support session for a $99.00 fee. Call +1 (404) 855-1795 and let’s schedule a time. I will not bill you till after the install is complete and verified working for you.

In a posting I made on the Diabox Facebook group page, two members were insanely offended by our offering to help install this for a fee. They claimed there are free installations offered in the Facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/cgminthecloud/; after investigation, it turns out this is nothing more than a DIY installation with folks there to support you as you struggle through the pain and in all cases, you need some technical chops to be able to deal with all the nuances that are likely to come up. Again we offer free installations and upgrades to minimize your frustration and pain. We never charge if we can’t get this working for you, so it’s zero risks to hire us.

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